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Try the Traditional Bleach Pregnancy Test for Affordable and Simple Method

For you who are expecting a baby, pregnancy test must be very important. There are many ways you can do to know if you are pregnant or not, like going to obstetricians or even doing pregnancy test at home. You might know that there are several kinds of traditional pregnancy tests that have been proven by many women at the past. One of them is to use bleach. Modern woman must not know that this chemical liquid can be used as pregnancy test. Moreover, refering to, the bleach pregnancy test is affordable and easy to do.

Is Bleach Pregnancy Test Accurate?

You must know that bleach is a kind of chemical liquids that is commonly used to clean or whiten the cloth, remove the stains, and disinfection. In addition, the bleach is also useful for pregnancy test. Bleach is a kind of chemicals that can easily react to the other chemical substance, includes hormone of pregnant woman which is chorionic gonadotropin. The placenta of pregnant woman's fetus commonly produces this hormone. That is why, bleach can give an indicator whether you are pregnant or not.

Some people is doubtful of the result, because nowadays there are many product of pregnancy test offer high accuracy of result. However, those products that are sold in some drugstores are costly enough. Then, if you cannot afford the cost, you still can do pregnancy test with traditional method like using the bleach. It is simple to do, because the material is easy to find. However, you still need to be careful when doing this pregnancy test, because bleach can be harmful if you get direct contact to it.

If you are curious if the bleach pregnancy test is accurate or not, you can try by yourself. Actually, there will always be an error in ever pregnancy test, but to use bleach can be accurate enough. Moreover, the accuracy level of any bleach brand is equal. Therefore, you do not need to buy the expensive bleach to get more accurate level. However, it is important for you to use regular bleach rather than the bleach that contains of scent and dye.

Some manufactures of bleach nowadays produce their product with additional chemicals like dye and scents to enhance the bleach performance and give nice smell. The unoriginal bleach definitely will not give the best accuracy, or even cannot work for pregnancy test. Therefore, you should be careful in choosing a product of bleach if you want to do the test. Then, do you know what you need to do pregnancy test with bleach and how to do it? It is really simple and you can do it by yourself at home.

You must prepare the regular bleach, a basin, rubber gloves, and the sample of your urine. You only need few amount of bleach that is enough for the test. Put the bleach in the basin. You are better to use basin in medium size, so the chemicals will not be spilled to the outside. Before you pour the urine, you must wear the gloves to prevent any harm. Then, pour the urine in the middle of bleach and wait for a while to see the reaction.

If you see the bleach bubbling or foaming, it means that you get big chance to be pregnant. If there is no reaction, it shows negative result. The bleach pregnancy test is not difficult to do, right? Since this method is affordable and simple, many women in the past did this traditional pregnancy test. Furthermore, you also can try the other traditional methods that are simple too. Don't worry about the accuracy because it is proven to give the accurate result.

Coaching as The Easy Way to Improve Our Team Performance

"Great Leaders are not born by nature. They are developed through skills, habits, and never ending commitments to learn from the best"

Quote above is intended to you, who wants to be great leader.

Basic Principles

Coaching is an intimate and profesional discussion which able to provoke the mind, maximizing the potential and team performance to achieve common goals. What the coach do is facilitate the clients to achieve their goals by constructing awareness, awakening, inspiration, motivation, commitment and clear and creative real steps. Coaching orietation is future solution, not to dig the problem in the past.

There are 3 levels of coaching :

1. Surface Coaching : This coaching is the lightest coaching, focusing to action and performance. This type of coaching is suitable for structured and sistematic coaching technique.

2. facilitating Coaching : This coaching is intended to coach a team or community. This type is well done for leading the meeting or to brainstorming.

3. Deep Coaching : this type is able to make positive significant changes in mindset, habit and characters of the clients. this type of coaching is able to touch the values and deepest identity of the client.